Friday, May 25, 2012

Teacher asks kid if he ate his may end his career

Not that I condone this.  But it seems a bit frivolous to end a career.  The teacher says he has asperger's syndrome and doesn't read people well.  Sadly enough, when a quarter of your students are overweight, it is easy to get caught picking on them even if you don't mean to do so.

I had a chubby little boy that snagged a candy bar meant for someone else during a question and answer game I played right before Halloween.  He ate it immediately and when he got a question correct and asked for a candy bar, I said "it looks like you've had enough already," since he had grabbed the other one beforehand.  One of my students immediately streamed to the office claiming I had called him "fat."  I was expected to meet with the principal with my union rep in tow.  The principal then said that no student had come forward claiming I called him "fat" so the issue was moot. This same student went on to accuse me of trying to film her chest the following year and helped end my career. The same year, I was playing basketball with a student during lunch and a couple of kids sat on the sidelines laughing if I missed a shot, etc.  I glanced over and saw pizza in their hands and said "why don't you go get another slice of pizza."  The kid is chubby, but I'd have said it to a skinny kid too.  I thought they were being brazenly rude to a teacher who was minding his own business.  The kid hated me from then on even after I tried to explain.  Maybe you can pick him out from the ones that tweeted that they had me fired.

Who runs the asylum?  That's right.

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