Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teacher who commented on cleavage resigns

OMG!!!! I was like, you knowww, wearing my clothes and trying to blend in.  Then she made me feel stupid.  How embarrazzing.  See it on fb later. My mom says she won't be around to bother other girls like this.

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  1. Girls wonder why they are harassed by others who are jealous or boys who aren't thinking much about academics but what their friends "brag" about or what they "learn" on the internet [because parents don't place limits on their web servers access]. Parents need to teach both sons and daughters how to demonstrate self respect without conforming down to the level of their school peers. Being a distraction in school (boys who "bust-a-sag" and other forms of conforming) as well as young ladies who flaunt their "developing curves" just don't understand their social impact in the public environment. I spent more time during my years of school counseling dealing with schools' social problems than assisting the students with their academic careers, particularly the far-too-frequent results of teenage pregnancies