Saturday, November 26, 2011

Student inventor projects

Students had over 2 days to research an assigned inventor for an end of the year presentation.  I decided to film their presentations and when many were not ready on time, I decided to begin filming, believing that it might prompt some of the laggards to get it together.  This was the last full day I ever worked.

As class ended, the same girl who had accused me of calling a kid "fat," the year before, made a beeline for the door.  The principal called down to tell me I was not supposed to be filming kids without permission.  I had never thought twice about it, and had been using the camera for years. The girl and her mother came by with the principal after school and that was the first inkling I got that I was being accused of filming chests.  These were kids who were not perceptive enough to know that the confederacy wore gray after studying the Civil War for a month, BUT they had no problem discerning that their aging, unmarried teacher was some sort of sexual predator and was filming their "training bra" chests. 

The next day, I was given a list of parents to call and managed to reach one.

By lunch that day I asked by my principal to give up my keys and would be placed on administrative leave.  The director of HR waited the entire Summer break before letting me know that there were 5 complaints.  The student(s) claimed I 1. Did not stop filming them even though I was told by them that I did not have permission 2. That I did not tell them why I was filming them but, instead, just pulled the camera out and began to film 3. That I was trying to film their chests.  He concluded by saying I had done the "exact opposite" of my stated purpose as a teacher.  Furthermore, I had a number of parents who, now, did not want their children in my class for the upcoming year.  Interesting how the gossip gets around. (see below).

I was told the students felt "uncomfortable."  Really?  Some of them felt comfortable enough to sit there and lie and obfuscate right in front of the camera.  One of them felt comfortable enough to bring up her grade and then not even attend to the "hardly started" poster she'd had days to work on.  Then she felt "comfortable" enough to go to the back and chat rather than getting the book as I asked.

 She even felt "comfortable" enough to have her irresponsible mother threaten me with the police.

 This was the same mother who kept her kid out of school for a week during the May Fair so she could groom her horse.  Then I was the bad guy for trying to get this uncooperative, entitled child caught up on her return.

Not surprisingly, 3 years later, a 15 minute search of some twitter accounts turned up this:

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