Saturday, May 26, 2012

The cloud of suspicion on male teachers

I thought it would only be in emergency situations,” Bush said. “It is alarming that you send your kid with your schools, you think they are safe and protected, and these types of goings on are happening. It is very disturbing.

Genoa Middle School mother, Kim Bush.

What was disturbing?  That a teacher had texted a female student on a field trip asking for pictures?

What?  Why is this disturbing?  The teacher is asking her for pictures to share with the class when she returns.

It seems it was unusual in that it was a list to be used in case of emergency.  A concerned parent could have taken it to the school and waited for the facts to come out.  But this went right to the press, probably ending his career. For a teacher to be suspected of  sexual improprieties when it is far more likely he was trying to raise morale by asking a student to share their experience, exposes the nasty sentiment some parents feel for male teachers.

ABC news reports:

...overzealous suspicions of sexual abuse are one of the top three reasons why the teaching profession doesn't draw more men. 

Here is the full report.

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