Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mother not satisfied with reprimand for teacher accused of "hitting" her son.

WISD needs to do some serious hiring of some new teachers.. On Monday my son Michael Lloyd was hit in tha back by one of his teachers and then on Tuesday the daughter of the teacher that hit him is also a teacher at his school called my son a lier so i went back to the school on Wensday and informed them what happened so finally i had to go back today and both teachers are not on campus and are under investigation and i also pressed charges on the teacher that hit him and i have contacted news 25.... Our children should be able to go to school and not worry about being hit by any adult there....

This teacher is already reprimanded and probably unemployable in another district.  She also has to take some requisite coursework.  The mother, Mrs. Lloyd is not satisfied and has gone to the police.

I think she should be more worried about a lack of academic proficiency or self control in her child.

I wonder how many times this kid had interrupted the teacher before she started to crack.  Maybe better to find another line of work instead of one where your most sought after skills are not 1. ability to tolerate the lowest common denominator 2. ability to teach that order.

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