Sunday, May 6, 2012

Students twitter about getting teacher fired. GO TEAM!

How did they do it?   The easiest way was to accuse the teacher of looking at them in a sexual way.  Rather than go to the teacher, the parents would call in and complain.  This bypassed the normal route.  Naturally, there was no way to prove things one way or another, leaving the teacher with a stain a doubt on their reputation and helping create a little feeding frenzy.  But there were also accusations of using physical force, yelling at them....making them feel BAD about themselves.  

Some of these students are presently going after their principal, due to everything but academics.  Let's see....the football team ,  the colors of the school uniform, and the flubbed jr. prom.  See the for more.

Consider looking up the post on lack of empathy in the current generation.

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  1. The young lady is now suing the school district because of an issue with her junior prom. Poor baby.

  2. i read all of this. it reminded me once, i was a senior in a sophomore class, and i said and did what what i felt like and pushed the teacher as far as to say something out of frustration. i then took that down to the principal repeated it out of context, and he was fired. in retrospect, i am a motherfucker. sorry for what they did man. i saw in the videos, even if you noticed their skin or whatever on a daily basis, its not why you were filming. those kids know their parents will back them up so they feel like they can do what ever. all that matters is the softball team anyway.