Thursday, May 10, 2012

For today..a collar and a collar

The real punishment and pain in many classrooms is having to sit there for 50 minutes at a time quietly paying attention to a lecture on something you have no interest in.  Why is it a teacher can bore the living daylights out of students for that amount of time and that is called "normal operation," while the second any physical contact is made becomes the beginning of a lawsuit or police action?  No offense to the teachers trying to do their jobs.  We did not demand that students be there.  The state did.  But the teachers get saddled with most of the responsibility when they end up in such a pressure cooker.

Ben David Cowan, a science teacher at Rio Hondo High School, was locked out of his room by a student. Upon gaining entrance, he allegedly put his hands on the students neck.  The real question should be whether he squeezed or this was a way of joking and blowing off steam.  He was served at his house by law enforcement.

Then there is the story of the other students who were collared.  A teacher in Florida used an animal collar as the "cone of shame."  I suspect it was done  for some tongue in cheek humor. Does anyone truly believe "The flogging will continue until morale improves," is meant to be taken literally? Generally speaking, many kids like that kind of humor.  They watch horror movies because they get bored with the enclosing safety of 4 walls around them and 25 safety nets under them.

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