Saturday, March 3, 2012

Confessions of a "Bad" teacher

An opinion piece by one of those terrible "big salary and pension, hiding behind the union" teachers.  I found it poignant to read that he was in one of those binds where you just can't win.  It is sickening to have administrators hold you responsible for poorly behaved students crammed into a class on top of each other.  The article underscores the prevalent attitude that poor outcomes for students are all within the realm of responsibility for teachers.  Do the students have responsibilities?  The parents?  Maybe it's not surprising that as the culture's fabric becomes torn, and institutions like schools, and the police get left to try and put things back together, that ideas regarding personal responsibility get stretched to the point of absurdity. 

What happens to teachers that have healthy boundaries and say "the student needs to meet me half way or close to it.?"  They get accused of things like "not answering questions in class," or worse.  They become the ones "who didn't care enough," "didn't believe in me," "didn't motivate me,"  "couldn't handle me." If that doesn't work for the students in the hot seat, their teachers get more frivolous or false accusations thrown at them.

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