Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roanoke shop teacher in court for contact with student

Victor Terry had to have stringent rules in his shop class to prevent injuries.  He allegedly asked students to enter without making noise.  When one did not comply he put his arm out to keep him from entering.  Ms. Daniel, the student's mother did not approve.  Maybe she would have preferred a few less fingers on one his hands.

Caldwell's statement said the facts suggested Terry "physically put his hand on the student's chest/arm area to stop his entry into the classroom" after the student was making a disruptive noise. He noted that the student later acknowledged "he had been making a noise" but then complied with Terry's directive and was allowed to enter.
Caldwell wrote, "I would note that there is some disagreement between the parties as to the exact nature of the touching but there is no allegation that this was in the nature of a strike or blow nor is there any representation of an attempt to injure or actual injury."
He said other video footage of the classroom and the student immediately following the incident "suggests that this was a nonevent in its entirety."

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