Monday, January 23, 2012

Canadian Teacher Abuse


  1. Oh my, I think this site is long over due. I have quite the tale to tell. I already network with K Horwitz and Lenny Isenberg to help teachers who are caught up in this Kafkaesque nightmare. if anyone need support contact me at We have attorneys, tips, trick to staying sane ( although the jury is still out on me), and I know bouncing these terrible ordeals off someone who understands what you re going through helps tremendously. We have to fight this and we have to fight it now. Yes, students deserve better, and yes these people are corrupt criminals, and yes, the fate of Democracy rests on the the future of our public schools.. However, if we don't fight for ourselves, each one of us will never be able to recover. Make no mistake. This can literaLly
    Ly kill you. I have seen it happen. You don't deserve what is happening to you. But maybe it is happening for a reason. Maybe it is happening so a scrappy room of beleaguered teacher's can tak on the white chalk criminals, the 1% vaulters left in their wake and the apathy of our culture. It could be a very teachable moment indeed. But we must be strong, tenacious and smart enough to know we are so much less without each other.

    1. I agree Rene. I left teaching because the cards are so stacked against you once they got your number. It is the antithesis of the humanistic ideals that draw teachers into the field. It makes me understand how the USSR ended up with pogroms, etc.

  2. Apologies for typos. Vaulters should be Vultures . For some reason this platform refuses to allow corrections when I use my IPad.