Monday, December 12, 2011


Why is it important to get the word out on false accusations against teachers?  A good portion of us find ourselves in the position of being being wrongly accused.  It feels lonely and hopeless sometimes.  Any one of us can be the victim of vindictive and vexatious rumors and accusations.  But as long as your voice is silent on the subject, nothing will change for the better.  But imagine if all the teachers out there who have been strafed by unfounded allegations wrote in.  You would have something to show administrators and parents that doubt the veracity of your words. does pit their children against you.  But that is even more reason to level the playing field when something as grave as these sorts of accusations come to light.  It is not about your side versus their side so much as truth and justice.  Please help and document what is happening in our dysfunctional school system.

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