Saturday, December 17, 2011

What worry?

what good teachers worry about

I used to say "They might kill me, but they are going to have to do it with a sharp knife."

Every few years they would send in some overpaid playground manager that I called my principal to evaluate me.  These people generally had taught a few years in an elementary school and now they had me in the palm of the their hand...sort of.  I thought of some of these administrators as dull knives. They would have been better suited for the customer service department at Macy's.  Most of them seemed full of ambition and somewhat devoid of academic expertise.

Well...I guess the dull blade got me in the end.  The tetanus was too much for me.

If you have been targeted, and are competent, the easiest way for them to purge you is to get some student accusations.  They have trouble showing incompetence so they take the expedient route.

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