Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What has happened with some girls?

I generally had more problems with boys who had problems sitting still in class.  I generally had my biggest problems with some of the girls, especially my final year of teaching.  Something seemed to be amiss with more and more of them.  They operated in little groups.  The preponderance of social media; the cellphones and facebook accounts, the reality show celebrity worship.  Their lives seemed awash in this supercilious tripe.  They played tag team adversaries against me where one would misbehave and then another would come to their rescue if I attempted to get them to behave accordingly.  They would stomp down to the office in a fit of manufactured shock.  They were often mean to other girls in the class but they really put me in my place.  One interrupted my attempt to get a student through a quiz during lunch.  I got tired of answering the door and told her she could not come into the classroom.  "ohhhh my God."
             "You come here"  I said, attempting to show her that I was in the midst of testing a student.
              "No....I'm going to the office." as if to tell on me.
I wrote up a referral form and called home.  She's one of the students that had parents complain against me at the end of my sad, little career.

I recalled being well liked by my female students as a 28 year old just starting out and have to wonder if some of the repugnance I seemed to elicit was, in part, because I was now a bald, middle aged man.  I will certainly contend that the tide of conformity played a role in my lack of popularity.  It was a sporting event by the time things ended.  But what can one do?  I have to live with myself.  Sometimes I have been popular and other times, no.  Bottom line is you have to live with yourself.

mean girls

disliking things (like the teacher) creates friendship

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