Monday, December 5, 2011

UK report: half of the accusations aganst teachers are unfounded.

Let me say that abusing a child or anyone else is not to be condoned.  Second, it is understandable that the nature of such incidents probably makes it hard to prove as it often involves 2 individuals in some private area.  Having said that, my own experiences with accusations have made me realize how loose children and some adults can be with the truth and accusations of impropriety.  There was usually an element of truth in most instances where I was accused of something.  Sadly, the emphasis has now been focused on simply allowing oneself to be put in a situation where allegations can be made.  "You kept the girl in at lunch?"
                                                                                              "Yes...she didn't finish her classwork.  Actually she never even started it, so I kept her for 5 minutes at lunch."
                                                                                               "You were alone with her in your room?  You are not to have students in your room alone any more."

I am sorry but I am sick and tired of walking on eggshells in order to do my job.  I am tired of documenting what looks to be some sort of ambush by students and parents.  They are often able to do it anyway "the customer is always right."

Read "Guilty until proven innocent" where the lawyer representing various accused teachers assumes around 80 percent of the teachers he defended were not guilty.  That's pretty low odds when one considers that those are the cases that went as far as going to trial.

half of abuse cases appear unfounded in the UK

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