Tuesday, December 6, 2011

falsely accused teacher and website


Kindergarten teacher accused by three little girls (even her daughter) lost home, custody of her children, etc.

See what psychology today magazine says.


Why might adolescent girls see the sexual in innocent behaviors?  Look at what many kids wear to school these days.  Not surprisingly, many young girls and boys are on hormone overload and are very concerned about their attractiveness and whether they have the characteristics to find the type of mate they want.  Unfortunately I have found that it is often the least academic of them who have fallen into this mind set and who think everyone else has their perspective.  To a man with a hammer, everythng looks like a nail.

  Test your own ability at recall.  Most people have fairly flawed processing systems once you put a template on it.  Tell them to look for something and they will find it to the exclusion of other things.


The hr head took the word of these students at face value.  They are the same students that could probably not have answered who General Robert E. Lee was after studying the Civil War for a month.

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